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Mate, QUT Gardens Point is awesome!

Located by the Brisbane River, close to Brisbane CBD, QUT Gardens Point campus is well integrated with the City Botanic Gardens and also with the central urban tissue, as well as with the river walk which connects to Eagle Street Pier and Howard Smith Warves areas. Lots of beautiful Heritage Buildings are part of its urban design footprint mixed to interesting Contemporary Architecture style new buildings which mix brand new constructive technologies to new forms of experiencing public institutional buildings in the current days.

Accessibility and wayfinding are main issues related to this type of project scale which has been quite well resolved considering its inherent massive challenges. QUT is such a big educational public institution in Australia embracing thousands of students, 50,000 to be more specific, from all over the world. It is important to mention that Australia’s second largest economy industry is Education. People from the most diverse backgrounds come to this country to study English or develop professional skills and by that means QUT is inserted in this global market and should indeed own such a proper educational infra structure. QUT Gardens Point campus houses mainly the courses related to Law, Business, Science and Engineering. Check it out in more details on: https://www.qut.edu.au/about/campuses-and-facilities

The Architectural School indeed is located at Gardens Point campus. Gardens Point counts with former governmental existent Heritage Buildings which were probably part of a more reduced Brisbane’s CBD area back in the time, 19th and early 20th Centuries. Spacious lobbies and lounge rooms suit well to nowadays student’s needs. Connection and interconnectivity are just some of the characteristics observed in its Urban Design, the best part: there are no visible gates or fences separating the campus from its surrounds! Just like the same urban pattern found in South Bank Area.

By the way, South Bank Area, located in South Brisbane suburb (described in one of my recent posts: http://brasaussiedesign.com/south-bank-area-design/), is easily reached just by crossing the bridge across Brisbane River. At night you can have gorgeous perspectives of Brisbane CBD area from the top of Captain Cook Bridge (as seen in the bellow image), a bridge which only allows pedestrians and cyclists to cross it over.

Anyone in Brisbane, residents or visitants, should definitely have a walk around this area and check those beautiful urban scapes really close to CBD area and enjoy the River Life while doing a physical activity or even just to unwind.

*All the images in this post belongs to the writer´s personal gallery and correspond to intellectual property.

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