Destino Australia – Audiobook (English Version)

G’day, mates! Hope everything is going smooth in your lives.

It is with so much joy that I come today to announce to you, who enjoys reading my posts here and has followed me for a while, that I have recently published the audio book version of my book ‘Destino Australia’, first published in 2019, originally in Portuguese. More information can been found at: Or through one of our previous Blog posts, ‘Destination Australia – The Book‘.

The book reports my experience since the application process for the 189 Skilled Visa (Permanent Residency), as an Architect, from Brazil until my first year of professional experience in Australia. You will be able to get a grasp on all my delights and struggles within this amazing journey. And also to understand more how I got where I am now.

South Bank area in Brisbane, Australia. Source: The author’s personal archive.

Maybe my story can inspire you to do that big move you wanted to do for a while but never actually did it. Or perhaps, it will be a healing experience whether you have been through similar experiences as me in a foreign country.

I really hope from the bottom of my heart that you enjoy this journey, just as much as it has been meaningful for my growth in this life! ♥

The audiobook (English Version) is currently available through the following links:

You can download the Promotional Summary for free here.


The Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park. Source: The author’s personal archive.

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