Heide Museum New Healing Garden – Bulleen, VIC (Australia)

Hi all! How is it going? Hope life is treating you well and you are also allowing to heal. Talking about healing, today we bring you a beautiful landscape design project located in Australia, the Heide Museum’s New Healing Garden.

The Project

The Heide Museum of Modern Art, located in Bulleen, Victoria, Australia, recently unveiled its latest addition: a stunning Healing Garden (completed in 2021). The garden was designed by renowned landscape firm, Openwork, and it is already enchanting visitors with its beauty and therapeutic benefits.

One of the Heide Museum’s Healing Garden paths. Source: https://thedesignfiles.net/2022/01/gardens-heide-museum-of-modern-art-healing-garden/

The Healing Garden is an extension of Heide Museum’s existing gardens, which were originally one of the museum’s co-founder kitchen garden. The new garden is a brand new beautiful landscape design piece, but it also incorporates Openwork’s signature style, creating a unique and bucolic space.

The garden is divided into several distinct areas, each with its own theme and purpose. The first area visitors encounter is the Arrival Garden (Scented Entries) which welcomes visitors and prepares them for the sensory experience ahead. The Arrival Garden is designed with plants that emit strong fragrances, like roses.

One of the Garden’s sections with its seats made of leftover limestone blocks from Heide Modern. Source: https://thedesignfiles.net/2022/01/gardens-heide-museum-of-modern-art-healing-garden/

From the Arrival Garden, visitors can move on to the next section of the Healing Garden: the ‘Sensory Kitchen Garden’, which includes plants with edible leaves or flowers. The ‘Sensory Kitchen Garden’ is an ideal place to sit and reflect, literally taste nature, or simply enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings.

The third area of the Healing Garden is the ‘Haptic Play Garden’. This space was designed to encourage visitors to connect with aquatic elements. The ‘Haptic Play Garden’ features a pond with a variety of aquatic plants, as well as an array of native trees and shrubs, exploring different textures. The space was designed to be both restorative and transformative.

The next section of the Healing Garden is the ‘Bush Garden’. This area is dedicated to promoting health and well-being, with a focus on indigenous edible plants and herbs. Visitors can learn about the medicinal properties of the plants, and even sample some of the herbs.

There is also a section called ‘The Meadow’ with herbaceous plants and the ‘Wild Garden’ with its climbing roses inspired by existing cottage’s wall.

The Garden’s clusters division plan. Source: https://www.foreground.com.au/parks-places/heide-healing-garden/

One of the most striking features of the Healing Garden is its use of color. Openwork has carefully curated a palette of plants and flowers that complement and enhance each other, creating a visually stunning and harmonious space. Visitors will see a variety of colors throughout the garden, from the soft pinks and blues.

The therapy

But the Healing Garden is more than just a pretty space. It was also designed to have therapeutic benefits. Research has shown that spending time in nature can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and boost mood and cognitive function. The Healing Garden was specifically designed to provide these benefits, with its carefully curated plants, calming water features, and restful seating areas.

In addition, the Healing Garden is a space for community engagement and education. The garden hosts a variety of events and workshops by naturopaths and herbal medicine experts throughout the year. Visitors can learn about the plants and their healing properties, as well as techniques for reducing stress and improving well-being.


Overall, the Healing Garden at Heide Museum is a stunning addition to the museum’s already impressive grounds. It is a testament to the power of nature to heal and restore, and a reminder of the importance of connecting with the natural world. Whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat, a space to reflect and connect, or simply a beautiful garden to explore, the Healing Garden at Heide Museum is well worth a visit. ♥


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