70 George (COX Studio) Interiors – Sydney, NSW (Australia)

Hello there! Hope all is well with you. What if we started to occupy our city centres with beautiful renovation projects that value the original Architecture and add the minimum necessary to its new use? Perhaps a more sustainable way of building that can be beautifully exemplified by Cox Architecture’s new studio in Sydney, Australia.

In the world of architecture and design, Cox Architecture stands as a beacon of innovation and creativity. Their commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining spaces is evident in their project, 70 George, located in the heart of Sydney. This iconic building not only showcases their architectural prowess but also highlights their exceptional interior design capabilities. In this blog post, we will delve into the remarkable interiors of 70 George, brought to life by Cox Architecture.

View of the Heritage Building’s external facade. Source: https://www.coxarchitecture.com.au/project/cox-sydney-studio-interiors/

A Legacy of Excellence

Before we explore the interiors of 70 George, it’s essential to understand the legacy of Cox Architecture. Founded in 1967 by Philip Cox, the firm has grown to become one of Australia’s leading architectural practices. With a rich history spanning over five decades, Cox Architecture has earned a reputation for its commitment to design excellence, sustainability, and a deep understanding of the user experience.

The Vision for 70 George

70 George, also known as the COX Sydney Studio, is not just a building; it’s a testament to Cox Architecture’s dedication to crafting spaces that inspire and elevate the human experience. The project’s vision was to create a workspace that fosters creativity, collaboration, and well-being.

As the firm’s own studio space, 70 George was an opportunity for Cox Architecture to set a high standard for its design principles. The project’s goal was to transform a traditional commercial building – originally built in 1912 and a state-heritage building – into a modern, dynamic, and sustainable workspace.

The building’s internal circulation with its open spaces and plenty natural lighting. Source: https://www.coxarchitecture.com.au/project/cox-sydney-studio-interiors/

Sustainable Design

Sustainability is at the core of Cox Architecture’s design philosophy, and this commitment shines through in the interiors of 70 George. The studio features energy-efficient lighting, advanced HVAC systems, natural ventilation and a green roof that not only reduces the building’s environmental footprint but also provides a soothing natural environment for occupants.

The interiors also incorporate sustainable materials and finishes, promoting a healthy indoor environment. Cox Architecture believes that sustainable design is not just a trend but a responsibility, and 70 George stands as a prime example of their dedication to a greener future.

The building’s minimal intervention making use of natural ventilation and natural lighting. Source: https://www.coxarchitecture.com.au/project/cox-sydney-studio-interiors/

A Harmonious Blend of Function and Aesthetics

One of the standout features of 70 George’s interiors is the seamless integration of function and aesthetics. Cox Architecture understands that a workspace should not only be visually appealing but also highly functional.

The open floor plan encourages collaboration and communication among team members. Natural light floods the space, reducing the reliance on artificial lighting and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Ergonomically designed workstations and breakout areas prioritize the comfort and well-being of employees.

The choice of materials and color palettes is a testament to Cox Architecture’s keen sense of aesthetics. Neutral tones are juxtaposed with vibrant accents, creating a balanced and inspiring environment. The interiors of 70 George embody the idea that a well-designed space can enhance productivity and creativity.

The building’s minimal intervention making use of natural ventilation and natural lighting. Source: https://www.coxarchitecture.com.au/project/cox-sydney-studio-interiors/

The beautiful functional joinery work blending well with the existing building. Source: The building’s minimal intervention making use of natural ventilation and natural lighting. Source: https://www.coxarchitecture.com.au/project/cox-sydney-studio-interiors/

Flexible Workspaces

In today’s rapidly changing work landscape, flexibility is key. The interiors of 70 George reflect this understanding, with adaptable workspaces that can be easily reconfigured to accommodate different needs. Whether it’s a formal meeting, a brainstorming session, or individual work, the studio provides a variety of spaces to suit every purpose.

The design also incorporates agile furniture solutions that promote mobility and collaboration. This flexibility not only future-proofs the workspace but also aligns with the evolving demands of modern work culture.

Example of the flexible workspaces with minimal intervention and use of natural lighting through skylights. Source: https://www.coxarchitecture.com.au/project/cox-sydney-studio-interiors/

A Creative Hub

As the home of Cox Architecture’s Sydney studio, 70 George is more than just an office; it’s a creative hub. The interiors are a reflection of the firm’s innovative spirit and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of design.

One of the most striking features is the integration of art and architecture. The studio serves as a canvas for creativity, with ever-changing installations and exhibits that inspire both the firm’s designers and visitors alike.


In the world of architecture and design, Cox Architecture’s 70 George stands as a shining example of excellence. The interiors of this iconic building not only showcase their design prowess but also exemplify their commitment to sustainability, functionality, and aesthetics. As a workspace, 70 George fosters creativity, collaboration, and well-being, setting a high standard for modern office design.

Cox Architecture’s vision for 70 George has been realized through a harmonious blend of sustainable practices, flexible spaces, and a deep understanding of the user experience. It is a testament to their legacy of excellence and their dedication to shaping spaces that inspire and elevate the human spirit. ♥




Important Sources:

70 George Street – COX Sydney Studio

70 George (COX Sydney Studio) | Interiors

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