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Hi all! How is it going? It is well known that one who tells the story will always pass its own perspective in the narrative. If I tell you a story it will probably not be the same way someone else will tell you. That’s a natural human behavior and with History it is probably not very different. Many times History is told according to someone’s view or, as it is commonly said, it is told according to the winner’s view, if it involves a dispute, which many times is the case throughout history.

There has been a growing interest in recent years in the concept of Tartarian history, which posits that there was once a highly advanced global civilisation that existed before the current one. Proponents of this theory point to various structures and artifacts around the world that they claim are evidence of this lost civilization, including some Australian churches and cathedrals. Some of those buildings are actually claimed to perform as sound (frequency) healing centres in the past. Check out this really cool YouTube channel that explores this topic in depth: “Tartarian Truthers“.

One such example is St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney, which was completed in 1882. According to some Tartarian theorists, the cathedral’s intricate architecture and design suggest that it was built by an advanced civilization that possessed technology far beyond what was available in the late 19th century. They point to features such as the intricate carvings on the building’s façade, which they claim could not have been created with the tools of the time.

St. Mary’s Cathedral (1882) located in Sydney, New South Wales. Source:

A view of St Mary's Cathedral from Hyde Park

St. Mary’s Cathedral (1882) located in Sydney, New South Wales. Source:


Similarly, the St. Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne has also been the subject of Tartarian theories. Completed in 1891, the cathedral’s grand Gothic architecture and intricate stonework have led some to speculate that it was built by an ancient civilization that possessed advanced technology.


St. Paul’s Cathedral (1891) located in Melbourne, Victoria. Source:

Other Australian churches and cathedrals that have been linked to Tartarian history include St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne, St. Mary’s Basilica in Brisbane, and St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral in Adelaide. Each of these buildings features unique architectural details and design elements that have led some to believe they were built by a lost civilization.


File:St Patrick's Cathedral-Gothic Revival Style (East Side).jpg

St. Patrick’s Cathedral (1897) located in Melbourne, Victoria. Source:

St Mary's Catholic Church, South Brisbane, 2018, 03.jpg

St. Mary’s Basilica (1893) located in Brisbane, Queensland. Source:,_South_Brisbane

St Francis Xavier Cathedral, Adelaide.JPG

St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral (1858) located in Adelaide, South Australia. Source:,_Adelaide.

It’s important to note, however, that there is no scientific evidence to support the theory of Tartarian history. Most mainstream historians and archaeologists reject the idea as pseudoscience, pointing out that many of the structures and artifacts cited by Tartarian theorists can be easily explained through known historical and architectural techniques.

However, it is interesting to notice the population growth of Australia throughout the 18th and 19th Centuries, time of country’s colonisation by the British according to official history. The first settlers started to arrive in Australia in the end of the 18th Century and Australia reached a population of 10.000 people in the decade of 1850. Not to mention the nonexistent population of the state of Victoria before that decade, which only started to be effectively occupied in the end of the 19th century.

Australian Population Growth between the 18th/19th Centuries. Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics (

Victoria State Population Growth between the 18th/19th Centuries.Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics (

It is really amazing that those buildings were built at that time, when we had very limited and slow transportation systems and also very low population to occupy all those buildings in a country located so far away from European civilisation, and they are many throughout the country!

In conclusion, while the theory of Tartarian history has gained some traction in recent years, there is no scientific evidence to support it. Australian churches and cathedrals such as St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney and St. Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne are certainly impressive examples of architecture and design, but according to mainstream history they can be easily explained through known historical and architectural techniques. Meanwhile, the CIA have recently published documents about how the Soviet Union cultural revolution whipped out the Tartarian history from the books.

Having that said, what is your personal opinion? Do you think there is a possibility that those buildings were built by a lost civilisation or was it built by first British settlers? Please leave your comments, I would love to hear it. Cheers! ♦



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